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New Holland Agriculture
T6 Series - Tier 4B T6.155



  • Designed For The Next Age of Farming: T6 Series all-purpose, heavy-duty tractors are redesigned, restyled and ready for the next age of farming. New Holland has combined uncompromised power with the most advanced technology. They give you unmatched comfort, visibility and maneuverability with higher power and performance that you can feel.
  • Introducing The 24x24 Dynamic Command™ 8-Step Powershift: The transmission selection for T6 tractors now includes a 3-range, 8-step, dual clutch, semi-powershift transmission that provides a full 24 gears in forward and reverse with a true powershuttle transmission. In addition to the Dynamic Command transmission, T6 tractors are also available with the Electro Command™ semi-powershift and Auto Command™ continuously variable transmission (CVT).
  • Long 104-Inch Wheelbase For Smooh Ride, Better Traction: New Holland extended the T6 wheelbase to a full 104 inches for the standard front wheel drive (FWD) axle, 110 inches with optional SuperSteer™ FWD axle, 106 inches with the optional TerraGlide™ suspended front axle, and 96 inches for the available 2WD front axle. This long wheelbase design feature makes a noticeable difference, delivering better traction and smoothing your ride during field operation and transport.
  • Easy Maneuvering with 15' 1" Turn Radius (14.1" with SuperSteer™ Front Axle or 2WD Axle): Tight turning doesn't usually go with a long wheelbase, but the T6 Series tractors give you both. The added maneuverability makes a difference when working with a loader and when turning at the headland.
  • A Model and A Package To Match Your Operation: T6 models range from 95 to 125 PTO horsepower, with a choice of 2WD and FWD axles, and in packages to suit your needs. Value. This package is perfect for basic haying needs and chores. Plus. This configuration offers increased performance and comfort for haying and loader operations, including optional 31-MPH (50-KPH) (FWD only). Elite. This package includes high-performance and luxury features, including optional 31-KPH (50-KPH) (FWD only). Auto Command™. This configuration is the ultimate hay and chore tractor with deluxe features and the highest performance, including a faster 31-mph (50 kph) transmission option.
  • Save Time and Effort with New CustomSteer™ Option: Available for all T6 Dynamic Command models, the CustomSteer™ feature allows operators to turn fully from lock to lock with as little as one rotation of the wheel with precision control. You can choose a steering ratio preference from 1:1 to 1:4 for quicker maneuvering at the headland, reversing with trailers, or during repetitive loader work. It saves time and reduces fatigue.
  • Advanced ISOBUS Class 2 For Implement Control: On Auto Command™ and Elite models, ISOBUS Class 2 allows you to control all of your implements-balers, mowers and more-using your T6 tractor monitor. All Dynamic Command™ models are available with ISOBUS Class 3, and Auto Command™ models built for model year 2017 and after come standard with ISOBUS Class 3, which allows the baler to have control of the tractor for optimum baling performance.
  • Integrated Auto Guidance: T6 tractors are offered with optional auto guidance ready, with steering control components already integrated within the tractor hydraulics and steering circuit. Or, you can request your T6 Series tractor as auto guidance complete from the factory (FWD only), with New Holland IntelliSteer™ auto guidance installed and ready to use.
  • Loader Ready: Tractors equipped with complete loader ready option leave the factory ready for a loader. Just attach it and go to work. Three New Holland loaders are available, allowing you choose the one with the reach, lift height and lift capacity that best suits your needs.
  • Blue Power Edition: Farm in style with a Blue Power Edition available on the T6.175 Auto Command tractors. The distinct midnight blue color with silver accents, carpeted and leather-trimmed interior add an exclusive look and feel to your everyday work.
Engine Features
  • Powerful. Responsive. Efficient: T6 Series tractors give you power without compromise with max boosted engine power from 145 to 175 horsepower. These impressive T6 numbers not only look good on paper, they translate into increased lugging power and efficiency to handle your most demanding tasks.
  • ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR Technology—one Simple Solution: T6 engines comply with the even-more-stringent Tier 4B emissions standards by using New Holland ECOBlue HI-eSCR (High-Efficiency Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology. This after-treatment system allows the engine to breathe clean, fresh air to optimize combustion, torque rise and fuel efficiency.
  • Torque Rise and Response That Outperforms Previous T6 Models: T6 engines achieve better performance by maximizing power output from each cylinder. The engine control unit brings the engine to maximum torque more quickly and holds through the lower RPM longer to outperform former T6 Series engines. Tier 4B 4-cylinder engines can outperform prior 6-cylinder engines due to this latest technology.
  • Engine Power Management with Power Boost: T6 engines deliver extra horsepower when under load—a boost above rated horsepower—to get you through tough conditions.
  • Constant RPM with Engine Speed Management: In applications where a constant PTO speed is required, just select Engine Speed Management to ensure the speed is maintained even under changing loads. In many applications, this allows you to maintain a fixed forward speed in difficult terrain.
  • The Same Total Fluid Consumption: Even with increases in horsepower, torque and lugging ability compared to previous T6 models, fluid use (Fuel and DEF) remain unchanged.
Transmission Features
  • Choice of Award-Winning Transmissions: New Holland provides you with a wide selection of proven transmissions. Which one is best for you?
  • Efficent Auto Command™ Transmission: Quite simply, the Auto Command Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is the smoothest, easiest to operate, and most productive CVT around. Designed and built by New Holland, Auto Command benefits from multiple direct drive points with 100% mechanical efficiency which have been precision engineered to ensure that they perfectly match the most frequently used speeds during field operation. Advanced double clutch control further enhances efficiency.
  • Go with The Flow—optimum Performance with Balers, Mowers, Snow Blowers and More: Auto Command Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) provides you with infinite speed control for optimum performance of balers, mower-conditioners, snow blowers and other material flow implements.
  • Simple Operation: Auto Command simplifies operation easy with four driving modes, Auto, Cruise, Manual or PTO, to ensure optimum operating efficiency and convenience. To change directions, you can either move the CommandGrip™ handle, use the power shuttle switch on the CommandGrip™ handle or use the steering column mounted shuttle lever.
  • Dynamic Command™ Powershift Transmission: The new industry-leading Dynamic Command transmission provides smooth, uninterrupted power and effortless operation. You get a full 24 gears in forward and reverse with speed overlap that allows you to easily select the best range for your application -- with no break in torque as you move through eight gears.
  • Electro Command™ Transmission: Electro Command tractors with mechanical mid-mount valves provide a standard control arrangement with a powershift control button on the range shift handle as well as on the console for convenience. The ergonomic seat armrest-mounted multi-function handle is optional for T6 models with mechanical mid-mount valve and standard on all other models.
  • Ergonomic Power Shuttle: You can operate the convenient, column-mounted electro hydraulic power shuttle without taking your hand off the wheel for increased safety during loader work. You can even regulate the shuttle aggressiveness setting, and making changes while on the move. An innovative memory shuttle system allows you to select the ratio you need in forward and reverse and the tractor automatically shuttles between your chosen forward and reverse gears.
Hydraulics and 3-Point Hitch Features
  • Hydraulic Power and Flexibility: New Holland gives you choices when it comes to the T6 hydraulic system. T6 Value models come standard with a fixed-displacement, closed-center hydraulic system with 21.1 gallon-per-minute (GPM) gear pump and a separate 12.4-gpm steering pump. If you require more hydraulic capability, select the closed-center, load-sensing (CCLS) hydraulic system. It's ideal for more demanding implements. The system includes a 29.9-gpm variable displacement piston pump for the rear remotes, three-point hitch and loader (if equipped) plus the 12.4-gpm steering pump. T6 models with the Dynamic Command transmission or the Auto Command™ CVT come with a 33-gpm CCLS hydraulic system.
  • Hitch Lift Capacity From 8,388 To 11,650 Pounds: Standard lift capacity at the three-point hitch is 8,388 pounds for Value tractors, 9,213 pounds for T6 Plus and Elite tractors and 11,649 pounds for T6 tractors equipped with Dynamic Command ™ and Auto Command™ CVT.
  • Up To 4 Remote Valves: You can specify your T6 tractor with up to four electronic or mechanical rear remote valves
  • Convenient Control: Fender mounted controls for the rear linkage, rear remote and the PTO are available.
  • Electronic Draft Control: A single raise/lower switch makes it simple to lift and return an implement to work during a headland turn. New Holland’s ergonomic mouse is positioned just to your right, exactly where you need it, giving you ultimate precision. To fine-tune the system you can use the intuitive controls that are found underneath the armrest.
  • Optional Front 3-Point Hitch: For Elite, Dynamic Command and Auto Command T6 tractors, a fully integrated, factory-fitted front three-point hitch is available, providing a lift capacity of 6,834 pounds.
FWD Axles Features
  • Greater Maneuverability and Improved Traction: New Holland’s selection of axles is engineered to perfectly match your requirements. All T6 tractors can be specified with heavy-duty front axles that allow you to get the full productivity of a front loader or front three-point hitch. The overall maximum gross vehicle weight of 20,944 pounds on all models optimizes traction and means you’ve got even more flexibility when using heavy mounted implements or when ballasting. All T6’s come with a robust 10.8-inch flanged rear axle as standard. For operations looking for ultimate flexibility, a 98-inch bar axle is also available.
  • Long 104-Inch Wheelbase For Smooh Ride, Better Traction: New Holland extended the wheelbase of every T6 Series model to a full 104 inches for the standard front wheel drive (FWD) axle, 104 inches with the optional Class 4 HD front axle, 110 inches with optional SuperSteer™ FWD axle, 106 inches with the optional TerraGlide™ suspended front axle. For the ultimate in productivity and operator comfort, the suspended front axle makes a noticeable difference, delivering better traction and smoothing your ride during field operation and transport.
  • Class 4 Hd Front Axle: Select the standard FWD axle or the NEW Class 4 HD front axle for heavy loader and front hitch work. It's available on Elite, Dynamic Command™ and Auto Command™ models.
  • TerraLock™ Automatic Traction Management: In automatic mode, the TerraLock™ system manages front and rear differential engagement to deliver tractions when needed, and disengages automatically for tighter turns.
  • TerraGlide™ Front Axle Suspension Option For Ultimate Ride Smoothness: T6 ride smoothness is already impressive due to the long wheelbase and Comfort Ride cab suspension option, but you can enjoy ultimate ride smoothness with the TerraGlide™ FWD axle option. It offers a longer 106-inch wheelbase plus up to four inches of travel, for better stability, control and drawbar pull.
  • SuperSteer™ Front Axle Option For Ultimate Maneuverability: The SuperSteer™ axle increases turn angle from the standard 55 degrees to 65 degrees so you can make sharper, faster turns, decreasing headland turn time by 35%. You get shorter turning plus the benefits of the even longer 110-inch wheelbase.
Horizon™ Cab Features
  • More Space, Better Visibility: Want all-round visibility? That’s what you get with New Holland’s industry-leading Horizon™ cab. Whether you’re around the barn, in the field or on the road, you have an uninterrupted, productivity-enhancing view.
  • Work with Less Effort, More Comfort: Operator comfort and ease is directly related to productivity. That’s why T6 Series tractors continue New Holland’s tradition of innovation with features that make your work more comfortable.
  • Depend On New Holland For Bright Ideas: LED work lights are standard equipment on all T6 models, providing exceptional illumination for productivity and safety during after-daylight operation. Value models are equipped with 8 LED lights standard to deliver 15,600 lumens—that’s 77% brighter than the 8 halogen work lights used on previous T6 tractors. T6 Plus, Elite, Dynamic Command and Auto Command models come standard with 12 LED lights, with up to 16 available to make it more than 3 1/2 as bright.
  • 360° Visibility: The name "Horizon cab" is inspired by the exceptional visibility you enjoy from inside. With 63 square feet of glass, you get a great view in all directions. You even get a view through the high-visibility roof panel-perfect for viewing a raised loader bucket. New mirrors and a new instrument cluster add to your visibility and available information.
  • Horizon™ Cab: Quiet Comfort: New Holland has reduced noise levels to as low as 69 decibels. Dual-zone air conditioning keeps you cool on the hottest days. Add Automatic Temperature Control and your T6 tractor maintains the temperature you set. You also get an enhanced instrument panel and your choice of air suspension seats.
  • Comfort Ride™ Cab Suspension: Select a T6 tractor equipped with optional Comfort Ride™ cab suspension so you enjoy an extra-smooth ride over uneven fields or bumpy roads. This simple mechanical system uses two rubber isolators at the front corners of the cab, and a sway bar and two spring-loaded shock absorbers at the rear of the cab.
  • SideWinder™ II Armrest: T6 tractors equipped with the Dynamic Command™ or Auto Command™ CVT transmission feature the convenience and added comfort of the SideWinder™ II armrest. The armrest glides forward or back to put controls exactly where you want them. The CommandGrip™ multi-function handle located at the front of the SideWinder II armrest puts the most important controls right at your fingertips, and the optional IntelliView™ IV monitor provides all the information you could need.
  • Comfortable Seating: Take your pick of three comfortable seats—the standard comfort seat, the Dynamic Comfort™ seat with enhanced low frequency suspension or the Auto Comfort™ seat that features leather covering, automatic weight setting, heat and a ventilation system.
  • Innovative Swiveling Backrest: Both the Dynamic Comfort and Comfort seats benefit from an innovative swiveling backrest, designed to provide upper back support which significantly increases comfort when the seat is turned to monitor rear mounted implements.
Maintenance Features
  • 360° Access For Easy Maintenance: The T6 tractor line has been designed to spend more time working and less time for maintenance. All service points are easy to access, and super-long service intervals mean T6 tractors spend more time in their natural environment: the field!
  • Longer Between Oil Changes: These tractors continue the New Holland tradition of a long oil change interval that leads the industry—600 hours. Engine oil check and fill points are easy to reach, with no need to lift the hood. This makes routine checks faster and servicing simpler.
  • Ample Fuel Tank: T6 tractors equipped with the new Dynamic Command™ transmission feature a 60-gallon fuel tank as standard equipment. Other T6 models feature an ample 52.2-gallon fuel tank which you can augment with an auxiliary modular fuel tank that expands fuel capacity to 58.6 gallons-enough fuel for those long days.
  • Glide-Open Hood: The single-piece T6 tractor hood glides open for easy access to engine and components. The engine air filter is easy to check, clean or replace, with no need for tools. The cooling package opens so you can access and clean all coolers.
2WD Axle Features
  • Now Available In 2WD: T6 Series tractors are now available in 2WD, allowing you to take advantage of the comfort and deluxe features of these premium tractors without the expense of 4WD. With 2WD, you maneuver easily in tight quarters with a loader or mixer/feeder wagon, and make quick headland turns while haymaking. Your visibility is superior from the Horizon™ cab, and the Electro Command™ push-button semi-powershift transmission makes operation easy.
  • Attractive Purchase Price: Removing the front wheel drive (FWD) feature allows for a significant reduction in purchase price while still offering premium mid-range tractor with benefits like the Electro Command™ semi-power shift transmission, ultra-quiet Horizon™ cab and optional Comfort Ride™ cab suspension.
  • Enhanced Maneuverability: With 2WD, you maneuver easily. The 2WD version is perfect for flat to rolling hill work including hay making, feeder wagon chores, mowing and roadside fleet applications.
  • Better Visibility: Operating visibility is significantly enhanced toward the front thanks to smaller front wheels.
  • Fuel Savings: The 2WD model is available for all Electro Command™ semi-power transmission models, featuring eight push-button power shifts across 16 gears with AutoShift™ and 32-speed creeper option.The 16th gear (transport gear) is an ECO transmission offering, that reduces engine speed at maximum transport speed of 19 MPH to make for more fuel-efficient operations.
  • Additional 2WD Features: • All rear tires/wheels offered for 4WD versions are available for the 2WD version. • 2WD tractor maximum travel speed is limited to 19 MPH (30KPH) due to braking action is only possible with the rear wheels. • IntelliSteer™ Lite auto guidance system is available  for 2WD T6 tractors through CNH Service Parts. • T6 2WD is only offered with the Electro Command™ semi-power shift tractors.
  • Engine Type: Turbo Diesel with High Pressure Common Rail with Electronic Fuel Delivery Control
  • Make / Model: Fiat Powertrain Technology (FPT) NEF
  • # of Engine Cylinders: 4
  • Displacement cu. in. (L): 274 (4.5)
  • Valves per Cylinder: 4
  • Rated Engine Speed rpm: 2100
  • Aspiration: Turbo Charger with Air-to-Air Intercooled
  • Max Boosted Engine HP: 155
  • Rated Engine HP: 125
  • PTO HP: 105
  • Engine Speed at PTO Speed 540/1000: 1969 / 1893
  • Emissions Certification: Tier 4B/Final
  • Tier 4B Emissions System: ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR System (Selective Catalytic Reduction; After Treatment only)
  • Diesel Fuel Tank Capacity gal. (L): Standard Tank - 52.2 Gal (197.2), with Auxiliary Tank - 58.6 Gal (222)
  • DEF (AdBlue®) Tank Capacity gal. (L): 10.4 Gal (39.5)
  • Service Interval eng. hours: 600
  • Alternator: 120 Amp Std. Value & Plus, 150 Amp Std. Elite and Auto Command with 200 Amp Opt.
  • Battery: 1300 CCA
  • ISO BUS Class 2 (Optional with Plus and Elite, Standard on AC): Optional
  • Standard- Semi-Power Shift mph (kph): 16X16 Electro Command™ - 1.41 - 25 (2.27-40)
  • Standard -Semi-Power Shift mph (kph): 16x16 Electro Command™ - 1.14 - 19 (2.27-30)
  • Option 1 - with Creeper Gear mph (kph): 32X32 Electro Command™, Creeper - 0.12-25 (.19-40)
  • Option 2 - with AutoShift mph (kph): 16X16 Electro Command™ with AutoShift -1.41-25 (2.27-40)
  • Option 3 - Economy mph (kph): 17X16 Electro Command™ with AutoShift -1.67-25 (2.68-40)
  • Option 4 - Fast Mover mph (kph): 17X16 Electro Command™ with AutoShift -1.67-31 (2.68-50)
3 Point Hitch
  • Standard Lift Capacity - 80mm rams with 21.1 gpm fixed pump (Value) lbs. (kg): 8,338 (3782)
  • Standard Lift Capacity - 80mm rams with 33.5 gpm CCLS pump (AC) lbs. (kg): 9,214 (4179)
  • Optional Lift Capacity - 90mm rams with 29.9/33.5 gpm CCLS pump (Plus, Elite, AC) lbs. (kg): 11,649 (5284)
  • Fixed Displacement Implement Pump Flow - Value gpm (l/m): 21.1 (80)
  • Steering Pump Flow gpm (l/m): 12.4 Gal/Min. (47)
  • CCLS Hydraulic Implement Pump Flow- Plus & Elite gpm (l/m): 29.9 Gal/Min. (113)
  • CCLS Hydraulic Implement Pump Flow- Auto Command gpm (l/m): 33.5 Gal/Min. (127)
  • Deluxe Rear Remote Options (N/A on Auto Command): 2 Mechanical Remotes Standard with 3 and 4 remotes Optional
  • Electro Hydraulic Rear Remote Options: 3 Electro Hydraulic Remotes Standard on AC with 3 & 4 Optional on Elite, 4 on AC
  • Mid-Mount Valve Options: 2 or 3 Mechanical or 2 or 3 Electronic
  • Axle Class: 3 & 4
  • Option 1: Standard Front Axle
  • Option 2: Suspended Front Axle
  • Option 3: Supersteer™ Front Axle
  • Option 4: Two Wheel Drive Front Axle
  • Shipping Weight (Typical Weight, less ballast, Cab 4WD): Minimum lbs. (kg): 10,560 (4790)
  • Shipping Weight (Typical Weight, less ballast, Cab 4WD): Average lbs. (kg): 11,376 (5160)
  • Shipping Weight (Typical Weight, less ballast, Cab 4WD): Maximum lbs. (kg): 12,513 (5676)
  • Shipping Weight (Typical Weight, less ballast, Cab 4WD): Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight lbs. (kg): 20,944 (9500)
  • Overall Length in. (mm): Standard Front Axle - 179" (4547), Suspended FWD - 179.4" (4556), SuperSteer - 183.3" (4655)
  • FWD Wheelbase in. (mm): Standard FWD - 104" (2642), Suspended FWD - 105.7" (2684), SuperSteer FWD - 109.8" (2788)
  • Height, Top of Cab in. (mm): High Roof - 115.2" (2925), Low Roof - 110.5" (2712)
  • Height, Top of Exhaust in. (mm): High Roof - 114.8" (2915), Low Roof - 109.1" (2770)



Engine Manufacturer
Fiat Powertrain Technology (FPT) NEF
Engine Type
Turbo Diesel with High Pressure Common Rail with Electronic Fuel Delivery Control
155 hp
105 hp
Rated RPM
2100 rpm


104 in. (2642 mm)
115.2 in. (2925 mm)


Fuel Capacity
52.2 gal. (197.2 L)

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